Thoughts in the movie “Terminator” are gradually becoming a reality …. now “Artificial Intelligence” can be used in every computer … The main thing is that the time does not come when it will be the other way around 🙂

GPTs AI system like chatGPT or DALL-E2 and many more system based on this technology.

In this post i would like to tell about Bing chat ( its a part of Edge Explorer browser ). Bing chat used a up to date GPT v4 and also DALL-E2 systems. It has some restrictions but they doesn’t hinder your actions with chat:

In one chat session ( for more you can just open another chat ) you can receive not more 30 answer from chat ( if you use your own Microsoft account ) , or 5 answers if not ( when you use Edge without account )

Personally for me, very interesting function of this chat this is what system can interact with Internet ( it can gather up to date information from Web in real time ) and Web Page which is currently open ( it can analyze the data on page )

DALL-E2 integration in chat also interesting , because you can make a very informational prompts with lot of details

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